Payment Options

You have several options to pay an invoice with us, including cash on collection.
Important: We receive a lot of payments daily, so it is very important to always provide a reference with which we can quickly assign the payment to your order, such as. invoice number, order number or customer number.

Please select your payment option

Real-Time Transfers:
All EU banks now offer this service. Payments are in our accounts within a few seconds and we can possibly send your order straight away. Select this in your banking app or speak to your bank to find out more.

Our account details are:
Recipient: LUBA GmbH
IBAN: DE02 5105 0015 0159 0634 52
Bank: Nassauische Sparkasse

You can also scan the QR code to the right in your banking app to save you the manual entry!:

Important : As we receive many payments per day, we ask you to provide a meaningful reference when making the transfer so that we can quickly assign the payment to your order. Examples include invoice number, order number or customer number.


Payment made?

You are welcome to tell us this now. Your order will then be put together and dispatched immediately after consulting the accounting department - possibly even on the same day if you have made a real-time transfer.


If you want to pay via PayPal, please enter the amount here and click on 'Pay with PayPal'. Please include a meaningful Payment reference so that we can assign your payment to your order as quickly as possible.


Debit / Credit card

If you want to pay by Visa or Master card, please enter the amount, your email address and a meaningful payment reference so that we can assign your payment as quickly as possible to your order.


Please only use this payment method if you have been expressly asked by our staff.  It only works with credit cards, not debit cards.

With a pre-auth (also called a holding-charge), you authorise your credit card company to reserve funds for us incase we need to charge you an amount up to the pre-auth amount.  Unless we actively charge you, you will not see the transaction on your credit card statement. The pre-auth lasts for 30 days and we can cancel it earlier.

Click here for the pre-auth link and enter the amount & reference quoted by the staff member.